A secure and safe web app firewall software

All our cloud hosting packs include ModSecurity by default. ModSecurity is a small Apache module that does a great job – it functions as a web app firewall, efficiently defending your web site against hacker assaults. What’s more everything takes place instantly, without you having to configure or set up anything. Your web sites will become safe as soon as you host them with us.

Data Backups

Your website content could be restored whenever you want

No website is immunized against hacker assaults. Your web site could be affected even by involuntary web site content deleting on your end. With our data back–up copy solution, we’ll easily recover your website content whenever you want. Apart from the regular server backups that we are performing, you can yourself create manual back–up copies of your website content with just a mouse click using the File Manager, which is incorporated into your Web Hosting Control Panel. Just generate a zipped archive of the directory(ies) you want to manually back up and place it in a location of your preference.

Solid–State Drives

Momentarily improve the speed of your web site

In case you would like to give your website a speed boost, all you need to do is just to host it with us. All our cloud hosting servers sport solid–state disks, so on every single web hosting server you’ll take full advantage of unrivalled read ’n’ write speeds, which will make your site ultra–fast.

With the perfect online connectivity offered by each of our cloud web hosting Data Centers, your web site will start working way quicker without any need for any extra configurations from you.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

If you happen to have a database that you need to share across a group of websites hosted on different web hosting servers with different web hosting suppliers, you’ll be able to take full advantage of our quick and user–friendly Remote MySQL feature. Using it, you can grant access to your MySQL database to several web sites that you choose. This is more than useful if you have a client database that you wish to share between several e–commerce portals.

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